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charger plate
Charger Plates

We are frequently asked, “When is the charger plate removed?” This is totally up to the caterer. While many feel that is should be removed before the dinner is served, many etiquette books state that it is appropriate to leave the charger on the table throughout the entire meal.

Accent Your Table

Lighting and vases are so important for a well-set table. Use candelabras or vases to totally accent your food or linen.

Small Areas

When working with small areas, we suggest using 30″ round cocktail tables. They are perfect for standing & eating when juggling a plate and glass can be awkward at a cocktail party.

Improve Your Presentation

Adding dimension to your food and beverage table with various heights and textures can really increase eye appeal. We carry a large variety of linens. These, along with mirrored tiles and circles, can dramatically enhance your presentations.

Coffee & Tea Bars

Coffee and tea bars are very popular right now. We have silver urns and glass for chocolate, whipped cream, orange zest and cinnamon. You could recommend irish coffee mugs with white china. To really dramatize the table, add a silver candelabra.


Serving desserts in unusual glassware can be very dramatic. Try martini glasses for sorbet and fruit or layer strawberries, whipped cream & brown sugar in a tulip champagne glass. Margarita glasses also make a great dessert presentation.


Use chafers this summer to keep cold salads fresh. Fill the water pan with ice and put your potato salad and cold seafood in the food pan for buffets. Add ice as needed for ultimate freshness. Your guests will appreciate the clean look with no mess from the melted ice. Of course, you will want […]

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