Product One

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Black, Brown, Burgundy, Fuchsia, Hunter, Ivory, Lilac, Pink, Maize, Navy Blue, Burnt Orange, Plum, Red, Royal Blue, Turquoise, Grey, White Cotton

Chair Covers Bows


Black, Brown, Bugundy, Fuchsia, Hunter, Ivory (crushed), Light Blue, Pink, Lime, Navy Blue, Burnt Orange, Plum, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, Teal, Turquoise, White, White with White Stripes, Ivory, Grey, Pumpkin, Camel, Lilac, Maize

Chair Covers


Square Back – White or Rounded – White on White

Table Skirting


13 1/2′ Gathered, Black, Brown, Burgundy, Claret, Hunter, Navy, Burnt Orange, Purple, Red, Rose, Royal Blue

Table Skirting


8′ Gathered, Black, Burgundy, Claret, Hunter, Navy, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, Rose